About Eric

Eric grew up in Cecil County, Maryland with a larger than average nose and an unwieldy cowlick. As a child, he had a three level tree house built from the remnants of a demolished deck and a suspiciously fervent interest in paleontology. He is the youngest but tallest of four siblings. Eric attended Swarthmore College outside Philadelphia where he unofficially minored in croquet and performed in a Lil’ Jon cover band. Well over a century late adopting the concept of Manifest Destiny, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area following graduation. Taking the concept a bit too far, in 2010, he left the United States for the first time in his life, moving to Shanghai, China to work as an architect designing sprawling multipurpose developments and some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. While there, he co-founded the inexplicable social movement known as Lawson’s Creek. In August 2013, following the trip in Southeast Asia, he plans to move back to America to return to school.

Follow our trip on Instagram #wanderingtable2013  or instagram.com/ttl1111

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