Our Mission

Through previous travels, we’ve realized the power of food to bring people together. Whether strolling through a wet market as an introduction to the raw ingredients in the area or watching a chef prepare a previously unknown dish, observing the activities that surround food provide an intimate glimpse into the local lifestyle. Perhaps even more so, the tables where this food is consumed serve as forums that encourage people from disparate backgrounds to gather, converse, and exchange ideas.

As we make our way through Southeast Asia this summer, our goal is to invite as many strangers as possible to share meals with us. Through pictures and short stories we will document our meals, table mates, and conversations on this blog. From tribal villages in remote Laos to the seedy underbelly of Bangkok to small fishing villages on the islands of Malaysia, we hope to share the local cuisine with local people, while exposing ourselves and our readers to new ingredients, new tastes, and people from new walks of life.


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